How do you enable command blocks on your Minecraft server?

How do you enable command blocks on your Minecraft server?

Hello gamers, today we are going to learn about command blocks and how to enable them on your GameTeam server.

What’s a command block in Minecraft?

As its name suggests, it’s the block that commands all other blocks. They allow you to make commands to the server.

Where to find command blocks in Minecraft?

You fired up your creative inventory and searched through the list. Chances are, couldn’t find what you were looking for. It’s because the only way to get to a command block is to use a server command.

  1. tap the “/” key and open up your console.
  2. Type “/give GameTeam 137”
    GameTeam is the username you want to give command blocks to, 137 is the code. Instead of 137, you could also use “minecraft:command_block”. So the second way of enabling command blocks for a user would be:
    "/give username minecraft:command_block 25"

If you want to a user given more than one command blocks, simply add a number after the command above, similar to this:
"/give username minecraft:command_block 25"

If you run this code in your console, “username” will receive 25 command blocks in their inventory.

Your command block will look similar to the image above when you place it in the world. In order to actually use the block, simply right click it and you a basic command console should appear.

Console command for your block also gives you a basic hints on how to use it.

Let’s create a sample command together to understand command blocks better.

In the “Console Command” form, type “say Hello World” and click on “Done” button.

In the chat section you will see a code similar to “Command set: say Hello World”. This is only visible to you, a simple alert letting you know that the command has been set. But you still actually have to run it if you want it to show up in the world chat and other players on the server to see.

Command blocks work off of Redstone. Simply grab a button from the menu and stick it on the side of the block.

Just make sure you press “Shift” while sticking button on the block, so you don’t accidentally open the console for command block.

As the last step, push the button and “Hello World” should appear in the world chat if you’ve done everything right so far.

Basic command block commands list

There are hundreds of command block commands you can run, we’ll mention just a few of them and refer you to an awesome Wiki page for the rest of the commands.

As we mentioned, Minecraft gives you a basic cheat sheet you can use. To target the nearest player for example, you could use “@p”.

Let’s say you want to give the nearest player an item, you could use the following command:

“/give @p minecraft:record_13 4”

This code will give the nearest player 4 record_13.

Another command you could use is “@r” to target random players, “@a” for all players, and finally “@e” for entities.

You could use command blocks to teleport players from one location to others, give players items, you can even change the weather by just pushing a button on a command block. Hit it once, it starts raining, hit it again, and it’s a sunny day.

For the other commands you can use, please check the following link.

PS: The only way you can access these block commands is if you are OP on the server, and OP level of at least 2 or higher. Check our tutorial on how to OP someone in minecraft server if you don’t know how it’s done.

PS 2: In order to use command blocks, you need command blocks set to “True” in your server properties, otherwise none of these commands will work on your GameTeam Minecraft Server

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