How to allow flying on your Minecraft Server?

How to allow flying on your Minecraft Server?

So you’ve just purchased a Minecraft server on GameTeam, but don’t know how to enable flying? This tutorial will help you.

You login to your Minecraft server, and get kicked with an error saying “Connection lost, Flying is not enabled on this server”.

There are few ways you can trigger this error, some of which are:

  • Using the fly command
  • Using an elytra, which are wings that allow players to glide down from higher places.
  • Even falling a few blocks from a high ground.

It’s an error that you can easily fix from your admin control panel. You just need to change a single digit.

Enable flying in Minecraft

Step 1. Login to your GameTeam control panel.

Step 2. Locate file manager on the left side of your dashboard

Step 3. Inside your file manager, locate the file called “”. This is the file that holds all your Minecraft server related settings.

Step 4. Find the line that reads “allow-flight=false”, and change it to “allow-flight=true”

Step 5. Click on Save button in order for changes to occur.

Step 6. Restart your server.

Get ready for lift-off, happy flying!