How to Change the Difficulty in Minecraft Server

How to Change the Difficulty in Minecraft Server

Nothing is more annoying than loading up your Minecraft world after a tiring day of school/work and keep dying and dying while trying to accomplish your in-game goals. Or maybe the game is too simple for you, and you’re up for bigger challenges.

Well, if you can’t beat the game, you can always hack it. 🤓

Changing the difficulty in your GameTeam Minecraft server is simple and takes only a few seconds.

Step 1. Locate “File Manager” menu on the left section of your panel and click on it.

Step 2. Find “” inside the page and open it.

Step 3. Search for the line that reads “difficulty=easy”. Change it to desired difficulty level.

Allowed values are:

  • “peaceful”: There are no hostile mobs or zombies that are looking to get you. You can play the game without worrying about getting killed or getting too hungry too quick.
  • “easy”: On this difficulty level enemies have less health and they deal much less damage when they’re hitting you.
  • “normal”: Well, difficulty is just normal.
  • “hard”: Enemies hit a lot harder and they are more difficult to kill.

Step 4. Enter the difficulty level you wish for, and click on “SAVE CONTENT” button.

Step 5. Restart your Minecraft server.

Next time you go online, mobs on your server will either be harder to kill, or easier to deal with, depending on your game preferences.

Have fun!