How to Change the Version of your Minecraft Server?

How to Change the Version of your Minecraft Server?

As much fun as it is, there will be a time when you’ll get bored playing the same Minecraft version, or you just want all the players to be on the same version to be able to play together.

If that’s the case, updating your Minecraft version couldn’t be more simpler.

Step 1. Locate “Game Types” menu on the left section of your panel and click on it.

Step 2. Decide which Minecraft edition and their sub-version you want to install.

Your options are:

  • Minecraft Vanilla
  • Minecraft Spigot
  • Minecraft Paper
  • Minecraft Foge
  • Minecraft Fabric
  • Minecraft Mohist
  • Minecraft Bungeecord
  • Minecraft Velocity
  • Minecraft Purpur
  • Minecraft Sponge
  • Others

Step 3. Locate the version you want to play and click on “Install” button.

Step 4. A pop up should appear, asking you to make sure if that’s the version you want to install. This action will remove previously installed version, server.jar file and library folder from the server. Click on “Install” if you wish to continue.

Step 5. Restart your server from your dashboard.