How to Make a MySQL Database on Minecraft

How to Make a MySQL Database on Minecraft

MySQL databases are the best way for your plugins to store data, offering numerous advantages over config files.

  1. First thing you’ll need to do is to login to your GameTeam account and make sure your server type supports MySQL databases.
  2. Click on database icon on the left side menu.

2. Click on “NEW DATABASE” button.

3. A popup window will open, allowing you to set up your server details. First enter a descriptive name for your database instance.

4. “Connections From” section lets you decide where connections to the database should be allowed from. We recommend using “%” for wildcard access, however, you can also enter an IP address for even stricter access.

If you try to access the database from another IP address that was not specified here, you’ll get a connection refused error.

5. Click on the eye icon to view your MySQL database details.

6. The pop up window contains your database connection details including endpoint, whitelisted IP address, username, password and JDBC connection string.

I’m getting “Databases cannot be created for this server” error, what do I do?

Most likely reason for this error is your server type doesn’t support MySQL databases. To unlock full potential of your server, upgrade to MySQL database support.