What Does Smite Do in Minecraft?

What Does Smite Do in Minecraft?

Enchantments play a vital role in the world of Minecraft. There are a wide variety of enchantments available that can be used to improve your gameplay experience. By carefully selecting the right enchantments, you can make yourself virtually unstoppable in combat. There are a variety of enchantments that players can use to enchant their weapons and armor. One of them is The Smite. It helps make your weapons more deadly so that you can kill your enemies with less effort during your Minecraft journey.

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This article will discuss what smite does in Minecraft and when and how you can use it to your advantage.

What is the purpose of Smite in Minecraft?

Smite is an enchantment in Minecraft that increases the damage dealt to undead mobs when attacking with a sword or axe. The amount of damage increased depends on the level of smite (I – V). However, keep in mind that smite only works on the undead mobs; it doesn’t affect other enemies like spiders, Enderman, Elder Guardians, and passive animals. The undead mobs are easily identified by their rotting flesh and visible bones.

The smite enchantment adds an extra 1.25 hearts of damage onto your sword or axe for each level attained. You can add smite to any sword or axe according to your choice. The more powerful the weapon, the greater the damage will be. Also, you can add smite to your axes or swords in both Java and Bedrock editions of the game.

Is smite better on a sword or axe?

It all depends on which edition of the game you are playing. Axes have higher base damage in the Java edition, whereas swords have higher base damage in the Bedrock edition.

When players apply smite enchantment to their swords, each enchantment level increases the amount of extra damage done to undead mobs by 2.5 percent. Using the Netherite sword at the fifth level can deal up to 20.5 damage in the Java edition and 21.5 damage in the Bedrock edition.

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If players apply smite on their axes, each enchantment will also increase the amount of extra damage done to undead mobs by 2.5 percent. A Netherite axe at the fifth level can deal up to 22.5 damage in the Java edition and 20.5 damage to undead mobs in the Bedrock edition.

If you are playing the Minecraft Java edition, an axe is the better option to add the smite enchantment. And a sword will be the better option to add smite in the Bedrock edition.

Which is best smite or sharpness?

Both smite and sharpness are good enchantments to add to the sword or axe as both can cause greater damage to the enemies. However, unlike smite, sharpness is not limited to undead mobs. It will work on other players as well as all the mobs in Minecraft. But, smite is more powerful and deals more damage to the mobs as compared to sharpness.

You can’t apply both of these to your weapons at the same time because they are incompatible to each other. The maximum level of enchantment for both sharpness and smite is level V. Each level of sharpness adds 1.25% additional damage, whereas each smite level adds 2.5% extra damage. That clearly indicates the power of smite.

If you need to choose between smite and sharpness, then sharpness is the better option if you are playing on a normal or easy mode and have to fight with other players and mobs. It is more common than smite, and it is a good option if you are using an axe. On the other hand, smite is a better option if you are playing Minecraft on hard mode and need to deal with undead creatures, including wither.

When should I use smite?

Smite can be used in a number of situations. Here are some examples of when you might want to use smite.

When dealing with undead enemies in the Overworld – If you are being attacked by undead mobs in the Overworld, smiting them will deal extra damage and may help you defend yourself.

When exploring the Nether – Similarly, using smite on wither skeletons will give you an advantage if you are exploring the Nether fortress. These wither skeletons are much more dangerous because of their wither status effect.

When dealing with wither – Finally, smite is also effective against the wither, a powerful boss mob. If you are having trouble defeating it, try using smite to give yourself an edge. This multi-headed boss is hard to beat, so smite is necessary to apply to your sword.

Is smite 5 good in Minecraft?

Level 5 is the maximum level of enchantment for smite. When you hit a mob with a weapon with the Smite V enchantment, it gives severe damage to it. However, different weapons cause different amounts of damage. Also, the edition of the game plays its part.

For example, using a wooden sword in the Java edition can deal up to 16.5 damage at smite level 5. On the other hand, a Netherite sword can deal up to 20.5 damage at smite level 5. So, the more powerful the weapon, the more damage it will give to the undead mobs at smite 5.

How to get smite in Minecraft?

There are different ways to get smite in Minecraft: by using an enchantment table, through a command line, or by using an anvil.

  • Enchantment tables are the most common way to add smite to your sword or axe. But you need to craft one in order to apply smite to one of your weapons. To build an enchantment table, you will need two diamonds, one book, and four obsidian ores. After crafting the enchantment table, place the bookshelves around the table and open the table using right-click on the mouse. Next, add your sword or axe in the slots that you need to smite with lapis lazuli, select the enchantment type from the given options, and get your weapon equipped with smite.
  • You can also get smite in Minecraft using the command line. All you need is to type /[email protected] smite <level> in the chatbox and add the number of levels in the given bracket.
  • If you want to get smite using an anvil, you will also need an enchanted book. Put the anvil in front of you and right-click on it to see the repair menu. Next, add the sword or axe along with the enchanted book to get smite.


Smite is one of the useful enchantments in Minecraft that is applied to a sword or axe. When activated, it will deal more damage to the targeted undead mob. It is better on a sword in the Bedrock edition, but it is better on the axe in the Java edition. Smite is good rather than sharpness because it increases your attack power. Smite 5 is the highest level of smite that provides the greatest increase in damage dealt. You can get smite by enchanting a sword or axe with an enchantment table or by using an anvil.