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A brutal exploration and survival game for players, set in a procedurally-generated purgatory inspired by viking culture. Battle, build, and conquer your way to a saga worthy of Odin’s patronage!


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4096 MB (4 GB) Ram $8.00/monthly
Unlimited slots! Up to 100 players can connect to your server. Valheim
4096 MB (4 GB) Ram $8.00/monthly
Smooth, reliable gameplay means more Valheim fun for you and your players.
Slot Unlimited Slots
Processor Intel i9 / AMD Ryzen 9
Disk Technology NVMe SSD
Storage Unlimited Disk
Powerful DDoS Protection Check
Instant Activation Check
Full FTP Access Check
Server Monitoring Check
Real Person 24/7 Support Check

Main Features

It doesn't matter which plan you choose.
All premium features are just for you.

Server Features

  • IconIntel i9 / AMD Ryzen 9 CPU
  • IconIntel NVMe SSD Drives
  • IconBest-in-class DDoS Protection
  • IconInstant Server Activation
  • IconGlobal Datacenters
  • IconNever Overselling
  • IconHigh Performance Servers
  • IconMySQL Database
  • IconBackup Slots

Game Features

  • IconUnlimited Slots
  • IconFull FTP Access

Also Includes

  • IconReal Person 24/7 Support
  • IconFree Subdomain