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What is Hexxit 2?

Hexxit 2 is a successor to a very popular modpack known as Hexxit. The Hexxit II has just dropped on October 23rd. The Version 1.3.1 includes 197 mods! If you are a seasoned Minecraft player, you probably know about the original Hexxit, it was a very popular modpack back in the day when it came out around 2014. There have been fan creations, and other similar updates to the original Hexxit over the years, but Hexxit 2 is the official version launched by the Technic Team just a couple of months ago.

Can you play Hexxit multiplayer?

Hexxit can be played Multiplayer just like many other Minecraft modpacks. To play Hexxit with your friends, head over to your dashboard and create a Minecraft Hexxit server hosting on GameTeam. Once your server is ready, you should see your server IP address on your console, note that down because we'll need it later!

Next up, fire up your launcher go to Multiplayer menu and type your server IP address here. Anyone with the address can join your Hexxit server and explore the new world with unlimited possibilities.

Hexxit 2 Gameplay

How do I get started on Hexxit?

Hexxit 2 is pretty straight forward, and in fact, looks very similar to Minecraft Vanilla when you first load it up.

Once you start the game, you should explore around a bit to see what you've got near you. Start punching some trees to get some wood and you may encounter brand new items like pine cones and animals like boars.

How much RAM do I need for Hexxit 2 server?

Hexxit is a fairly light pack of mods. So you'll be able to play without any issues on a 2GB RAM server if you're gonna be playing by yourself. However, we'd recommend at least 4GB RAM if up to 5 friends will be joining you. For up to 15-20 people, we'd recommend at least 8GB RAM, however, 12-16GB RAM would be much smoother and lag free. General rule of thumb when calculating RAM usage is allocating 600 MB for every player.

Hexxit Server Commands

Hexxit uses the same commands and controls with Vanilla Minecraft. You could extend your command list using a mod like ForgeEssentials.

Best Hexxit Seeds

There are various seeds available online for Hexxit, some focusing on landscape, some caves and others on mountains. If you have encountered a cool seed yourself, use the chat box on the right section and we will update the page with your discovery! Let's explore a few of them.

Minecraft Hexxit landscape seeds

ReptohealthSCR: This seed spawns you near everything you might need in the game, right in the middle of snowy field, desert and redwood forest you can grab unlimited amounts of wood.

Hexxit: This one is for miners looking to build their main base in the heart of the mountain.

924386989: Start your Minecraft Hexxit survival journey on this seed and you'll spawn near a farming village with tinkers construct smeltery, so you can get things up and running quickly and early on in the game.

Minecraft Hexxit village seeds

7709457179057175766: This seed spawns you near a village you can explore and pillage if you feel like you need quick access to some resources!

AWHOLENEWWORLD: This seed called "A whole new world" has two attraction points nearby; a village and a pirate ship

1046358084459943061: If you feel like exploring beautiful Hexxit scenes and looking for a nice place to build your main base, this seed is worth checking out.

Hexxit Mod List

What mods does Hexxit 2 have?

The recently updated Hexxit 2 features 200 mods.

What launcher is Hexxit on?

Hexxit launcher can be downloaded from TechnicPack

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