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Vanilla Minecraft Overview

What is Minecraft vanilla edition?

Although there seems to be a debate what's considered Minecraft Vanilla and what is not. In its simplest terms, Vanilla is the unmodified version of Minecraft. Some gamers use Vanilla and Java interchengably but this is wrong. Depending on the context Vanilla Minecraft may refer to Minecraft Survival since it is the purest, most played form of the game and generally played without any mods.

Creative on the other hand can also be Vanilla Minecraft depending on whether you install any mods or not. It's just most people prefer playing Creative with fun mods since there are no restrictions in the game.

There are third party tools like World Painter, MCEdit and BT Explorer that function by modifying and changing the original game code. Once you install these plugins, your Minecraft stops being Vanilla.

Can you install plugins on a vanilla Minecraft server?

Vanilla isn't a different version of Minecraft you can download, it's just the purest form of the game without any modifications. You can install any plugins you like using our 1-click mod installer, however if these plugins alter your games Jar file, it can no longer be called Vanilla. Some plugins change the way you play the game without changing the Jar source code, and it still may be called Vanilla according to some players, but that's a gray area.

Is Minecraft Vanilla Free?

Vanilla Minecraft is not free, you need to purchase the game in order to play. You can purchase Minecraft original from Minecraft Official Website for $27, available both on Mac and Windows. Tha game is also available Microsoft Xbox Store and it's included within GamePass. What it means is, you can have Minecraft for 10 dollars a month along with more than 100 AAA games. Some of the other games include Gears 5, Halo and CyberPunk.

How much is a Vanilla Minecraft server?

Our Minecraft Vanilla Minecraft server hosting prices start from $3. It includes all the features our users love such as 1-click mod installers, unlimited storage, unlimited slots and global server location. The good part is, if you get bored of playing original Vanilla, you could switch to other modpacks and versions in seconds without any code or server management knowledge.

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