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Pixelmon Tutorial

What is Pixelmon?

Pixelmon is a 3D open world Pokemon game in Minecraft. You can think of Pixelmon as a big modpack for Minecraft that brings hundreds of different type of Pokemons into your Minecraft world. You start the game as a Pokemon character and basically spend rest of your time in the game fighting other Pokemons and exploring the world. You could wander from town to town searching for Pokemons to capture and train them. Or you can treat it like a regular vanilla Minecraft game, build towns and dig for resources and more.

Can you host a Pixelmon server?

Yes, you can host Pixelmon server on GameTeam and play with your friends. Our one-click mod installer ensures you are ready to play in matter of seconds.

What is the best Pixelmon server hosting?

GameTeam, one of the top Pixelmon server hosting providers, offers one-click mod installation to not waste your time and bury you in unnecessary technical work while also offering its services at an affordable level. At GameTeam, we excel at running game servers on premium hardware with a decade long experience. If you choose to play Pixelmon on our servers, we'll be available to chat 24/7 in case you need help with anything.

How do you make a Pixelmon server?

If you've watched some Pixelmon videos on YouTube and maybe played it on your computer and now ready to setup a server to play it together with your friends, you are in luck because setting Pixelmon on GameTeam servers is as easy as it gets. Let's take a look.

Setup a server

First of all, Make a Minecraft Java server to get started. Once the process is complete, you'll be redirected to your GameTeam dashboard,

Install Pixelmon

Locate "Modpack Installer" in your top menu. This is the section that contains all modpacks and versions including Pixelmon and others. Once you go to the page. Click on the install button and the system will automatically install the mod for you. When it's finished, please remember to restart your server for changes to take effect.

How to install Pixelmon on PC

If you wish to install Pixelmon your PC, whether it's a MAC or a Windows device the process is also simple.
1. Go to the link here and install CurseForge launcher on your computer.
2. When the installation is complete open the app and go to the "Browse" menu. Find Pixelmon in the available modpacks list, or search for it.
3. Once the installation is complete, the mod will be available in your "My Mods" menu.

How much RAM does a Pixelmon server need?

Due to its big nature, extensive list of characters and mods it brings to your Minecraft world, Pixelmon is a bit resource intensive modpack. We'd recommend at least 4GB of RAM for playing Pixelmon. If there's gonna be between 5-10 people, consider setting your Pixelmon server on an 8GB RAM server located in a country closest to you for optimum speed and performance. For every additional player we recommend you add at least 600MB extra RAM.

Pixelmon Gameplay

How to create Pokeballs in Pixelmoon?

You can create Pokeballs by simply crafting them on a crafting table. All you need is three iron, three cooked acorn and a stone button and you are ready to go. Don't worry as to where to find these materials since they exist in plentiful numbers throughout world and you'll encounter them during your normal workplay while exploring. You are also likely to come across these items in hidden treasure chests along with other handy stuff.

Pixelmon NPC Trainers

You will come across other trainers within the game who are set out to conquer the world as you are. Think of them as prize chests since when you beat them you not only get some currency which you can spend at a nearby Pokemart, but they sometimes drop cool items you may not find elsewhere. There are many types of NPCs in Pixelmon, let's mention a few here. You can read our in-depth guide to find out about the others.


When you kill a Mareep NPC Trainer you get a unique type of wool which is a bit hard to come by since there aren't any other normal animals in the game that drop wool.


Magikarp is a fish in Pixelmon just like Pokemon, and when you kill it, well, you get a fish! There's a hundred percent chance of it dropping raw fish, and just five percent chance of dropping a cooked fish. It can be found in water around lily pads, sea lanterns, sponges, sugar canes, and pretty much wherever there's a body of water. Learn mor e about it here

PRO TIP: Don't worry if your Pokemon gets damage during a battle, you can regenerate its health simply by getting in the bed and sleeping off the night. That's exactly why keeping an eue out on Mareeps and taking them out is very important as there's no many other ways to get the wool to make yourself a bed. It can also be obtained by pillaging Pokemon centers.

Pixelmon Pokemon Spawns

Pokemons in Pixelmon spawns randomly. However they mostly spawns in biomes related to their type. So rock Pokemons will spawn in rocky areas like mountains, fish Pokemons like Magikarp will spawn in water and ponds, underground Pokemons will can be found in deserts, bug and plant Pokemons in forests and the list goes on.

Is Minecraft Pixelmon free?

Pixelmon is a free to play Minecraft Mod, as long as you are playing it on your computer as a singleplayer. If you want to play Pixelmon multiplayer with your friends, you're going to need a server. That's where the GameTeam comes in. We offer one-click modpack installer for Pixelmon that let's be up and running in minutes and start playing with your friends all over the world. Our servers are fully DDoS protected, so don't worry having a public server and security issues that might come with it.

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