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Tekkit is a modpack we offer among dozens of mods, modpacks and versions you can install with our one-click installer.

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Tekkit Minecraft Overview

What is Tekkit Classic Minecraft?

Tekkit is basically industrial revolution brought to Minecraft. It introduces a few type of new essential items such as rubber trees that you can harvest to make rubber. Some of the other new items brought to Minecraft with Tekkit is ores. Deep inside the caves you'll find tin ores, copper, and some other special stones like rubies used mostly for tools. They have similar strength to diamond tools, but their durability is a bit lower.

How to Setup a Tekkit Server with Technic Launcher?

Tekkit comes with Technic launcher. To setup and download, please visit Technic official website. Download the latest stable version and install on your computer. Make sure Technic launcher is the same as your Minecraft launcher.

Is Tekkit free?

Tekkit is a free modpack management. You can download and install the launcher on your Windows and MAC pc for free.

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Our affordable Tekkit Minecraft server hosting prices start from $3. We offer unlimited SSD, unlimited slots and 24/7 availability.

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