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So what is Age of Engineering? It's a modpack for the popular game, Minecraft. It was Created by davqvist, it was heavily inspired from FTB Infinity Expert Mode with added technology tree, progression and harder recipes. This modpack focuses on gating progression - meaning you have to get resources before you can use them - while still allowing experienced players to progress faster than semi-experienced players. The modpack also features 15 different ages or stages which must be completed in order to move forward onto new achievements and trophies that will guide you further into your journey.

Age of Engineering contains several tech mods such as Thermal Expansion, MineFactory Reloaded and Ender IO all combined together with FTB Utilities – a helpful module that allows automation among other mechanics – in order to create a balanced yet challenging experience suitable for both experienced and semi-experienced players alike. By utilizing technology trees within this modpack, you are able to create useful builds out of blocks which can then help automate processes in your world such as farming and ore processing. You'll also be able to craft tools which will make easier tasks much simpler or even impossible tasks doable!

Overall Age of Engineering is an enjoyable experience for any player regardless of their skill level because along the way there are many rewards given for completing each age, however with considerable difficulty at some points along the way making sure that those who are up for a challenge won't feel too limited!

I know many of you are looking for the perfect modpack to keep your game interesting and challenging. With Age of Engineering, you don't have to worry about that - in this modpack there are 101 mods to choose from!

The first one is Actually Additions, which adds a bunch of awesome gadgets and things that will really give your world an extra boost. But it's way more than just that - it also provides a complex power system and automation tools for you to use.

Another great mod included in Age of Engineering is Advanced Solar Panels. This gives you additional upgraded forms of the IC2 solar panel which can be used as an alternative energy source. Speaking of alternatives, if space exploration is something you've been wanting to try out in Minecraft, then Advanced Rocketry is the perfect mod for you - it adds buildable Rockets and planets into the game so your creative possibilities are nearly endless!

Not just limited to high-tech items like rockets, this modpack also includes Base Metals - with this installed, common metals such as copper, silver and steel can all be found within your mined resources - adding another level of realism while playing. There are 97 other mods included with Age of Engineering too; ranging from Automation Techs to Nether Techs (allowing advanced machinery operations), so no matter what type of player you are, there will definitely be plenty here for everyone!

So what are you waiting for? Install Age of Engineering today and get ready explore an entirely new world full possibilities within minecraft!

Age of Engineering modpack has been around since 2017, so it relies on some older mods that are quite lightweight in terms of system requirements.

Now, as with any modpack, you need to bear in mind all the mods that it requires before you can deploy it - this is especially important if you’re thinking of hosting a public or private server for others to join. But don’t worry – Age of Engineering doesn't require too much power!

Generally speaking, most players should be able to get away with only 4GB RAM when running this modpack. That said, we recommend 8GB RAM just to be safe and allow your users plenty of headroom to play without lag or crashes! Depending on how many players you plan on having at once (or whether you plan on having multiple servers running) will dictate how much CPU and storage space you need – but generally speaking 4-8 cores should suffice for a smooth experience.

First off, Age of Engineering is an old modpack that hasn't been updated in over 6 years. While it may still work fine for some players, others will run into issues such as server crashes due to outdated or incompatible mods. It's not recommended that you play the modpack anymore; the lack of support makes getting help very difficult and you're better off looking for alternatives. That being said, if you must play it then there are some steps you can take to try and fix any server crash issues you might be having.

The most important thing to remember is that Age of Engineering requires an older version of Java in order to function properly. The newer versions won't work with the modpack so make sure your computer has Java 8 or lower installed before trying anything else. This should help reduce the number of crashes on your server but keep in mind there are no guarantees that this will completely solve all your problems as other mods can still cause instability issues.

If changing Java versions doesn't work then there are several other steps you can take to try and improve stability on your server: firstly make sure all mods on your pack have been updated recently – if they haven't been compatible updates could be causing issues; secondly remove any unsupported/outdated mods from your pack – these could be causing conflicts between different versions; thirdly check for errors in your log files which could indicate a specific issue that needs fixing; finally look into adding additional RAM/CPU power to improve performance if needed as Age Of Engineering does put quite a load on a system!

Hopefully by following these steps you should be able to get Age Of Engineering running smoothly again on your server without too much hassle but if not then unfortunately you may need to look into alternative options such as switching packs entirely or looking for more specialized help from someone who knows what they're doing with modded Minecraft servers!

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