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Based on your input, we recommend at least GB of RAM for your Aliens & Parasites server. We calculated this based on the number of players you expect to have on your server, and whether you will install extra graphics or similar resource intensive mods other than Aliens & Parasites official mods.


Welcome to Aliens & Parasites, the most unique and thrilling Minecraft Modpack you’ll ever play! You play the game as Shrei Yoden, a mentally deranged individual who was once held in a maximum security mental asylum known as “Project Hilaris Plaguiarius”, this modpack is like no other. Step into a world where Goobaloos—an omnipotent species of interdimensional flow—are just as real as living beings, inanimate objects, and an entire planet inhabited by sentient creatures.

It all started when Shrei was granted permission from Project Hilaris Plaguiarius to create a living journal of his lucid dreams. In the dream world he discovered many new cultures with their own languages and interpretations of reality and fiction. After recording these languages he created some tools which allowed him to bridge between his dream world and our very own Earth. These tools were designed specifically to bring forth Inter Dimensional Wabaloos that inhabit both realms.

Now you can become part of this amazing journey by downloading the Aliens & Parasites Minecraft Modpack! With it comes all sorts of new magical abilities; abilities able to manipulate anything from living beings, inanimate objects, entire planets down to your favourite animal crackers! Manipulate these objects however you want or even create brand new worlds full of mystery and imagination!

You will be surrounded by creatures never seen before on Planet Earth so use all your wits and resources available to survive in this fantastical realm populated with aliens heretofore unheard-of. Unlock secrets hidden deep within the game's code and explore each level's intricate landscapes while discovering new entities along the way! Whether it's crafting powerful weapons or creating interdimensional portals using enchanted artifacts be sure to protect yourself at all times against any potential dangers lurking out there such as hostile mobs.

So don't wait anymore - download Aliens & Parasites today and embark on an adventure beyond belief!

One of those unique modpacks that elevates Minecraft is called Aliens & Parasites. You have more than enough content to keep playing and exploring with its 97 total mods.

The WorldGen Block Replacer is one of Aliens & Parasites' most intriguing features. This enables you to swap out blocks for different blocks during worldgen, greatly increasing the variety of your world and guaranteeing that no two worlds are ever the same. Additionally, you can use this feature to design original buildings and landscapes for your players to explore.

The Uland's Goobaloo Addon Pack contributes to the creation of a silly resource pack for Aliens & Parasites that modifies both vanilla and other mods. You can use it to find new music to listen to while exploring a new biome or just to pass the time between monster battles. When you play Aliens & Parasites, everything looks even better thanks to the pack's additional textures and custom sounds.

Another excellent addition in Aliens & Parasites is Thermal Expansion. With this expandable magic-technology mod, players have access to a wide range of brand-new applications for their resources. With the aid of pipes or machines, Thermal Expansion adds interest to Minecraft's thermal world. Additionally, if you're looking for something server friendly, this might be ideal for you as well because it's resource-friendly while also being content-rich.

And Aliens & Parasites has 94 more mods for you to explore! Install Mystical Libs to take control of dimensions; use Magmatic Engines to create electricity; use Deep Resonance to explore deep oceans; equip yourself with Immersive Engineering gear; and use Botania to grow unusual crops. There are countless options available here! Explore these mods and make something incredible on your own Alien world, whether you're a seasoned player or a newbie seeking new adventures.

The first step is to create a server on our site. By selecting what kind of plan you'd like, click "Create Server" on the homepage to complete this task quickly and easily. Depending on how many players will be joining your server, we have a number of different plans that each come with additional features. Additionally, you have the option of making yearly or monthly payments with this.

It's time to set up the settings for your new server after choosing your plan. Using our one-click installer feature, which will quickly set up everything, is the simplest way to do this. It's as simple as clicking "Install Now" after choosing which Aliens & Parasites version you want to install on your server. From there, it only takes us a short while to finish setting everything up for you, and presto, you are in control of a fully operational Alien & Parasite Minecraft modpack server.

Of course, if you'd rather have more control over how things are configured, don't worry; we also provide manual installation options, allowing you to individually tailor the setup procedure. Whatever path you choose, keep in mind that the staff at GameTeam is always available and willing to assist if necessary. Just contact us through our support page, and we'll get back to you right away!

We sincerely hope that this has been useful in helping you get started setting up your own Aliens & Parasites Minecraft modpack experience.

At GameTeam.io, we are aware that having enough RAM is essential when hosting any Minecraft modpack, particularly Aliens & Parasites. Because of this, we advise anyone who intends to run a server with this modpack to have at least 8 GB of RAM.

This is not just a recommendation from us; it is a necessity if you want to accept multiple players onto your server at once without it crashing or lagging. To ensure proper performance while playing Alien & Parasites and to ensure uninterrupted gameplay for all players, 8GB of RAM is required.

Furthermore, if you want your server to be even more powerful, we advise choosing 16GB of RAM or more, depending on how many sprites are in use at any given time and how many players will be regularly connecting to your servers. You should take these things into account before selecting a package because some of them need more resources than others to function properly. If you need any assistance, though, our team is here to help. We are aware that every circumstance is unique, and we will work closely with each client to make sure they have everything they need to succeed.

Other than making sure your hardware has enough power, there are other actions you'll need to take to ensure everything functions properly, such as updating plugins, correctly setting permissions, and configuring mods. Again, our team would be more than happy to assist you in any of these areas! We at GameTeam.io think that everyone should be able to enjoy their favorite games, so let's make sure that your minecraft aliens and parasites modpack runs smoothly!

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