How to fix AdminPassword Not Being Recognized error in Palworld?

This guide provides solutions for administrators experiencing issues with the admin password not being recognized in Palworld. The instructions intend to restore proper admin access.

Identifying the Issue

If your admin password is not working in Palworld:

  1. Verify the accuracy of the entered password.
  2. Ensure that there are no extra spaces or typographical errors.
  3. Check if the issue persists post server restart.

Default Settings Syntax Check

Incorrect syntax in the configuration file can cause the admin password to be unrecognized. Here’s how to fix it:

Configuration File

The configuration file should contain the correct structure. Locate the configuration file.

Syntax Verification

Ensure the following structure, paying special attention to the presence of brackets and equal signs:


Closing Brace Check

Missing closing braces after configuration settings can lead to the game server not recognizing the admin password.

Corrected Syntax

Make sure the configuration section is correctly closed with a brace:


Replace your_password with the desired password (keep the quotations).

Saving and Restarting

After making corrections:

  1. Save changes to PalGameWorldSettings.ini.
  2. Restart the Palworld server to apply changes.

Further Assistance

If the password issue persists:

  1. Double-check the configuration file for other possible syntax errors.
  2. Contact support for personalized assistance.

Remember to keep a backup of your original configuration file before making changes for safety and troubleshooting purposes.

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