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Technical support

Our team members are always there whether you're facing a technical issue or need help.


Uptime SLA

Our infrastructure is always up and running regardless of location.


Industry leader
DDoS protection

All our servers include proprietary DDoS protection free of charge to protect you from attacks.



NVMe SSDs used in our servers provide you with a blazing fast experience with low I/O times.


Full FTP
File Access

Manage all your files, mod and plugins with an FTP client of your choice.


SSD Storage

Our NVMe & SSD servers are unmetered for all account types and plans!


Low Latency

Our server network lets you roam across the worlds with the lowest latency possible.



All your data daily captured, so you can recover them if anything goes wrong.

16+ locations
accross major cities!

Game servers located across the globe











intuitive game server control panel

Manage your server with confidence.


Main Dashboard


Version Changer


File Manager


Mods & Plugins


Player List



Main Dashboard.

A detailed control panel where you can instantly manage your server. Our advanced Control Panel and support team enable you to enjoy on your game while we focus on the infrastructure.


Version Changer.

Everything for you to spend less effort. With a single click, you can change the game type and version in seconds. All files are automatically downloaded and activated instantly.


File Manager.

With the file manager interface, you can access all your server files and make any updates/changes you want. Add files, edit with the in-panel editor, download or delete them.


Mods & Plugins.

We have hundreds of thousands of mods, so do you. Do not search the internet for hours for the mode you want to have fun. Use the search box and automatically download/install the latest or older/specific version mods.


Player List.

No need to send commands to your server. Your control panel does this for you. See your player list, whitelist, ban, authorize/op or kick with one click.



We know you want to feel safe. We already do this for you. But you can still create and download backups, lock them for more security, or restore your server from an old backup.


Don't go far

Our server locations are all over the world.

Game Server Tutorials

Don't get lost in search engines. All the tutorials you need are on our blog.

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