How to change bases in Palworld?

What is Palbox?

The Palbox serves as the core of your base in PalWorld. It’s constructed through the build menu, which is accessed by pressing the “B” key. The necessary materials for a Palbox are 1 Paldium Fragment, 8 Wood, and 3 Stone. The Palbox determines the boundaries of your base and serves multiple functionalities, including resource management and fast travel.

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Initial Base Relocation Process

To change your base location, you must first dismantle your existing Palbox. Open the world map, locate your Palbox symbol, and hold the “C” key to initiate the disassembly process. This will collect all your Pals into the Palbox and allow you to establish a new base elsewhere. It’s essential that you select a new base location carefully, considering both terrain and resource availability.

The Impact of Dismantling

Dismantling a Palbox has several consequences:

  • Structures exclusive to the base’s area will be dismantled, and their materials returned to your inventory.
  • Non-exclusive structures will remain as they are.
  • All Pals associated with the base will be stored in the Palbox without any loss.
  • The original Palbox setup cannot be reverted once disassembled.

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Establishing a New Base

After the Palbox has been disassembled, transport yourself to the chosen new base location. Proceed to build a new Palbox and re-establish your base facilities using the reclaimed materials. Ensure the location supports the presence of a Palbox, and rebuild any facilities required for your operations in PalWorld.

Managing Multiple Bases

Players are initially limited to a single base but can expand to three as they progress:

  • Unlock the second base upon reaching base level 10.
  • A third base becomes available after attaining base level 15.

Remember, dismantling a Palbox will dismantle all base-specific facilities but will not affect workbenches, homes, or other external structures. Always plan your base locations and resources wisely to minimize the effort required to re-establish facilities after a move.

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