How to command your pals in Palworld?

Palworld is a multi-faceted game where players can interact with and command various Pals to assist in their journey. Commanding your Pals effectively can ensure success in battles and can enhance your overall gameplay experience.

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Commanding Your Pals

Basic Commands

To command a Pal in Palworld, press the number “4” key when your Pal is active. Doing so opens up a command interface, offering options such as focusing on a specific enemy, attacking aggressively, or holding back attacks. It is important to use these commands strategically to maximize your Pal’s effectiveness in various scenarios.

Attack Prioritization

Pals will intuitively follow your lead in combat. When you start attacking an enemy, your Pal will prioritize that same enemy. This feature allows for coordinated attacks, enhancing your combat efficiency and improving your chances of defeating tougher opponents.

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Aggressive Behavior and Rethrowing

Setting a Pal to attack aggressively can be beneficial but requires tactful management. If set to this mode, a Pal can be deployed to attack by throwing them towards an enemy. However, the system may not respond to every single throw. Sometimes, multiple attempts are necessary to engage your Pal, and constant re-throwing can be counterproductive against low-level enemies.

Special Abilities and Pal Interaction

Incineram’s Unique Ability

Incineram is a particular Pal with a unique ability that does not require crafting. To activate it, target an NPC and press the action button commonly used for mounting a Pal. Your character will point, and Incineram will execute a power called Hellfire Claw. It is essential to know which Pals have these unique abilities to utilize them fully in combat.

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Strategy and Level Advantages

Having Pals like Incineram, with strong abilities, can allow a player to punch above their weight class. A player with a level 25 Incineram, for example, can defeat level 35 mammoths, demonstrating the effectiveness of mastering Pal commands and utilizing their special abilities.

Additional Tactics and Considerations

Tactic Adaptation

While the pal Incineram showcases a unique set of actions, it’s crucial to stay adaptable with your tactics. Game dynamics may change as developers update Palworld, and other Pals may be introduced with distinct abilities. Continuously experiment with different Pals and strategies to find what works best for each scenario.

Long-Term Pal Management

Commanding your Pals efficiently also extends to long-term management and development. Level up your Pals and unlock their abilities to enhance their capabilities. Pay attention to each Pal’s strengths and weaknesses and remember that certain Pals may perform better against specific enemy types or in various environmental conditions.

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Mastering Pal commands in Palworld is a critical skill for any player. Pay attention to your Pals’ behaviors, take advantage of their special abilities, and continuously adapt your strategies. Commanding effectively will not only lead to a more enjoyable gaming experience but also propel you to greater heights in the world of Palworld.

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