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Enjoy Palworld's adventurous monster-catching, survival and crafting world with your friends with GameTeam's Palworld server hosting service.

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Welcome to an extraordinary world where survival, alliance, and cunning unfold in the colorful land of Palworld. Here, the mystical creatures known as Pals are your comrades and currency in a world brimming with potential and peril. Whether you choose to live in harmony with these enigmatic allies, harness their abilities for work, or navigate the moral maze of using them for food or trade, Palworld offers a vast sandbox of opportunity. As you contend with the ever-present threats of scarcity and poachers, strategies are your key to thrive or just survive.

Our Palworld server hosting elevates your experience from just playing to creating a world of your own. Invite others to join in as you set the rules on your personal server, hosting up to 32 players. With seamless setup and robust support, you're not just hosting a game; you're fostering a community and crafting unique stories that you and your friends will talk about for years to come. So gather your pals in Palworld, where adventure, creativity, and friendship collide to create an unforgettable multiplayer saga.

Unparalleled service

Why host Palworld with GameTeam?

Discover the ultimate Palworld adventure with GameTeam, where hosting your server transforms into an unparalleled experience! Dive into Palworld's captivating realms with the peace of mind that comes from lightning-fast, reliable servers, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted journey. Our 24/7 support stands guard, ready to assist you at every twist and turn, while our one-click mod installations let you customize your voyage with ease. Choosing GameTeam means embracing the freedom to explore, build, and battle without limits. Our up-to-date hardware guarantees that your server keeps up with the action, handling every exhilarating Palworld moment like a pro. With GameTeam, you're not just playing Palworld; you're stepping into a hassle-free world where the horizons of your adventure are as boundless as your imagination.

How to setup dedicated Palworld server?

Start your Palworld adventure with your friends by setting up a dedicated server on GameTeam! Our server hosting makes it unbelievably simple – even if you're not a tech whiz. Let's get your world up and running in just a few quick steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Plan Select the perfect hosting plan for your Palworld server from our variety of options. Whether you're a small group of friends or a growing community, we have the right plan tailored for your needs.

Step 2: Customize Your World Personalize your Palworld experience with easy-to-navigate controls. Set your rules, your mods, and make your world truly unique with just a few clicks. No coding skills required – it's that simple.

Step 3: Launch and Play Hit the launch button and your dedicated Palworld server will be live in moments. Immerse yourself in the gameplay you love without the wait. Our servers boast lightning-fast speeds, ensuring you and your friends enjoy seamless adventures.

Step 4: Enjoy Around-the-Clock Support Need help? Our friendly support team is here for you 24/7. Whether it's a question or a hiccup along the way, we're committed to ensuring your server runs smoothly so you can focus on the fun.

Convinced yet? With GameTeam, a dedicated Palworld server is just a few easy steps away. Join the adventure today and create a world that's exclusively yours!

What is Palworld Server Hosting

Seamless Setup and Launch

Embark on an extraordinary Palworld adventure without the hassle of complicated setups. In just a few easy steps, your server will be up and running: Choose your plan, customize your settings, and hit 'Launch'. We handle all the technical aspects, leaving you free to explore and build without any fuss.

Ultimate Performance and Reliability

Experience Palworld like never before with our top-tier server performance. Enjoy smooth gameplay and minimal latency, thanks to our cutting-edge hardware and optimized network. Our servers are built to ensure that your gaming experience remains uninterrupted and consistently reliable.

Total Control with User-Friendly Management Tools

Take the reins of your Palworld server with our intuitive control panel. Effortlessly manage mods, adjust settings, and oversee your player community with tools designed for ease. No expertise needed – you're the master of your domain with just a few clicks.

Secure and Protected Playgrounds

Game with peace of mind, knowing that your Palworld server is fortified with robust security measures. We vigilantly safeguard your server against threats, providing regular backups and proactive monitoring so you can focus on enjoying your virtual paradise.

Responsive Support by Gaming Enthusiasts

Encounter an issue? Our dedicated support team of gaming enthusiasts is on standby to help. We understand your needs and are passionate about providing quick, knowledgeable assistance whenever you need it. Start a conversation and we'll ensure your Palworld server hosting experience is smooth sailing.

Straightforward Pricing, No Surprises

Dive into Palworld server hosting with transparent pricing that fits your needs. No hidden fees, no unexpected charges. Choose the plan that suits your world, and get exactly what you pay for – a seamless, exhilarating Palworld journey with friends and fellow explorers.

Questions you might be asking

Palworld Server Hosting FAQ

What is Palworld Server Hosting?

Palworld is a multiplayer, open-world survival and crafting game where players can fight, farm, build, and work alongside mysterious creatures known as Pals. Whether you choose to live in harmony with these creatures or exploit them for personal gain, your experience in Palworld is one of adventure, moral choices, and survival against the backdrop of a vast and dangerous world. Our Palworld Server Hosting service lets you play this brand new open world survival game with your friends.

How to make a Palworld server?

Creating a Palworld server hosting on GameTeam is a breeze. Just signup with one of the plans, select your server details and let our automated set up wizard handle rest of the technical details for you magically in no time.

How much RAM for Palworld server hosting?

At least 8GB of RAM is required to be able to play Palworld without experiencing lags, freezes or crashes. We've released a patch for the memory leak issue, so you should be able to fit in more players in your server with less RAM.

How do I change Palworld server settings?

To change your Palworld server settings, log into your GameTeam dashboard, navigate to your server control panel, and edit the configuration files directly from there. Don't forget to save changes and restart your server for them to take effect.

How to backup my Palworld server?

You can backup your Palworld server by accessing the backup tool in your server control panel on GameTeam. Choose the 'Backup Now' option and the system will create a backup of your server's current state.

How long before my Palworld server is activated?

Your Palworld server will typically be activated within minutes after your payment is confirmed, ensuring you can start playing with little to no downtime. Some locations may take longer to activate, but we'll notify you if this is the case. You can always change locations without interruptions & data loss if you need to.

How to move my Palworld server to GameTeam?

To transfer your Palworld server to GameTeam, reach out to our support team for a migration service. Ensure you have your server data ready, and we'll guide you through the process step by step. We've also published a guide on how to migrate your server to GameTeam yourself.

What are the minimum requirements for a Palworld server?

Minimum requirements for hosting a Palworld server include at least 16GB of RAM, a 2-core processor, and a stable internet connection for seamless gameplay.

How do I update my Palworld server?

Updates for your Palworld server can be easily applied through the GameTeam dashboard. Navigate to your server control panel, click on the 'Stop' server option, and restart the server. The system will automatically update your server to the latest version.

I'm having problems with my Palworld server, can you help?

Absolutely, our GameTeam support team is available 24/7 to help resolve any issues with your Palworld server. Contact us through the support ticket system within your control panel.

Can I cancel, upgrade, or downgrade my Palworld server?

You can manage your Palworld server subscription at any time. Cancel, upgrade, or downgrade through your account dashboard or contact support for assistance.

What is the max server size in Palworld?

GameTeam doesn't have a limit on how many players can join on your server. However, the game infrastructure allows maximum of 32 players at the moment.

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Palworld Server Hosting Features.

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Unmetered SSD

Don't worry about installing as many maps and plugins as you like. You'll never run out of SSD space.

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1-click setup

Switching between dozens of versions and installing literally thousands of mods is easy as clicking a button.

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Here to help

Our support team is available 24 / 7 with any technical or non-technical problem you have.

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24/7 Access

Our servers are never down even during the busiest peak hours.

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File manager & Console

Edit all your files and access to the server console right from your dashboard.

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Extensive analytics

View your usage stats, RAM, SSD and CPU usage in your dashboard.

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Automatic backups

Never lose your worlds, maps and plugins if anything goes wrong or you accidentaly delete something.

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Intuitive control panel

See your server analytics, switch between games, change Minecraft versions and install mods. Anything you want to takes just 2 seconds.

Palworld Tutorials

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