How To Become An Admin Of Your Palworld Server?

Palworld offers the ability for server owners to manage their virtual worlds through the appointment of admins. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to become an admin on your Palworld server, along with additional key information to operate your server effectively.

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Configuring an Admin Password

Server Control Panel Access

To appoint admin privileges, it is essential to access the server control panel. Make sure your server is stopped before attempting to configure or change settings to avoid disruptions and ensure changes take effect.

Setting Your Admin Password

Locate the ‘Startup’ section, then ‘Variables’ within your server control panel. Access the ‘Palworld Server Settings’ and find the ‘Admin Password’ field. Insert your chosen admin password here. Be sure to save the configuration after setting your password, then restart your server for the changes to take effect.

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Logging in as an Admin

Accessing the Server

Once the server is running with the new admin password configured, connect to your Palworld server. To log in as an admin, open the chat within the game, which by default is initiated by pressing Enter.

Admin Login Command

In the chat, type the command /AdminPassword <Password>, replacing <Password> with the actual admin password you’ve set up. Confirm the entry to gain admin access.

Admin Command Usage

Palworld offers various commands for server management. It is crucial to utilize these commands responsibly since they can significantly impact the gameplay experience.

Common Admin Commands

Commands are input through the chat interface, starting with a forward slash, followed by the command and any required parameters. Here are some examples of available commands:

  • /Broadcast {message}: Sends a global message to all players.
  • /KickPlayer {SteamID}: Kicks a specified player from the server.
  • /BanPlayer {SteamID}: Bans a player via their SteamID.
  • /TeleportToPlayer {SteamID}: Teleports you to the location of the specified player.

Besides these, other commands cater to different administrative needs, such as server information, saving the game, and server shutdown procedures.

Manual Unbanning of Players

Editing the Ban List

Currently, Palworld does not offer an in-game unban command. To unban a player, server administrators must manually edit the banlist.txt file. Stop the server, download the banlist.txt file from the ‘SaveGames FTP’, remove the player’s SteamID, save the changes, and re-upload the file, overwriting the existing one.

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Restarting The Server

After making changes to the banlist, restart your server to apply the unban.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Admin Password Issues

If an admin password is not functioning, verify you’ve stopped the server before editing settings and that no format changes were made inadvertently. Missteps in configuration may result in the admin password not working.

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Admin Commands Not Functioning

Ensure that you are utilizing server-specific commands and not those intended for single-player use. If the correct commands are still unresponsive, verify the admin privileges have been correctly assigned and that the server is running the latest version of Palworld.


Becoming an admin on your Palworld server is straightforward with proper configuration and understanding of the administrative commands. It is important to keep server management orderly and to abide by ethical guidelines to foster a fair and enjoyable gaming environment. By following these guidelines and resolving common problems with the FAQ provided, you can effectively administer your Palworld server.

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