How to set admin password on Palworld server?

Administering a Palworld server involves setting up a unique admin password which provides access to special commands for managing gameplay and maintaining server integrity. Server owners and designated administrators must have a secure and exclusive password to perform their roles effectively. This knowledge base outlines the necessary steps to set an admin password on a Palworld server.

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Server Preparation

Prior to setting an admin password, ensure that your Palworld server is not actively running. This state is required to make changes to server configuration without complications. You should access your server’s control panel, which is the central hub for managing server files and settings.

Accessing Configuration Files

  • From the control panel, navigate to the section where you can manage configuration files. The specific path typically is Files > Config files.
  • In this area, look for and select the Palworld Server Settings file. It is in this file where you will configure various settings including the admin password.

Setting the Admin Password

Within the Palworld Server Settings:

  • Scroll until you find the field labeled “Admin Password” or similar.
  • Input your chosen password into the Admin Password field. The password should be unique, secure, and only shared with users who are trusted to have admin privileges.
  • Be cautious about password strength and security; consider using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to maximize protection against unauthorized access.

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Saving Configuration Changes

  • After entering the desired admin password, you must save the configuration changes to ensure that the server adopts the new settings.
  • Typically, there is a Save, Apply or Confirm button at the bottom of the configuration page. Ensure you click this to make your changes permanent.

Restarting the Server

  • Once the admin password has been set and changes saved, you must restart your server to apply the new settings.
  • In your control panel, there will be an option to Stop, then Start your server. Execute these actions in the correct order to enable the password.

Logging in as an Admin

To gain admin access once in-game:

  • Connect to your Palworld server through the game client.
  • Access the chat interface by pressing Enter or the designated key.
  • Enter the command along with the set admin password in the following format: /AdminPassword <Password>, replacing <Password> with the password you configured.

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Admin Command Usage

After logging in as an admin, a variety of commands will become available to you. These commands can impact gameplay, user experiences, and server operation. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the available commands and their effects before using them.

Maintaining Server Security

Regularly review your admin password and who has access to it. Update it periodically to mitigate security risks and ensure that only current, trusted individuals have administrative capabilities on the server. Always follow best practices for digital security.


Setting an admin password is a vital step in managing a Palworld server, serving as a gatekeeper for accessing powerful server commands. By following the outlined procedures carefully, server owners and administrators can ensure a secure and controlled gaming environment for all players.

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