How to Change the Difficulty of Your Palworld Server?

While Palworld does not feature a single setting for adjusting difficulty on dedicated servers, you have control over various individual settings that can shape the challenge level. To tailor the gaming experience for players, server administrators must change specific configuration options, each affecting a different aspect of game mechanics.

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Access and Navigate the Control Panel

To alter the difficulty, you need to start at the game server’s control panel. First, ensure the server is not running by using the “Stop” command to prevent conflicts with configuration changes. After stopping the server, locate the configuration files. You typically find this option at Pal/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/PalWorldSettings.ini. Open the file and edit.

Check our tutorial on How to edit PalWorldSettings.ini if you need more help.

Configurable Difficulty Settings

There isn’t a single option that lets you configure the difficulty for your server. Instead, there are multiple separate settings that collectively make the game easier or harder depending on your choices.

Each setting within the Palworld Server Settings can be tuned to make the game easier or harder. Settings are modified using multipliers which scale the base rate or probability of an event. A multiplier greater than 1 increases the rate or likelihood, whereas a value below 1 will decrease it.

Time Speed Settings

  • Day Time Speed Rate: Influences the pace of the day cycle. Increasing this rate will shorten daylight hours in the game, forcing players to contend more frequently with the dangers of the night.
  • Night Time Speed Rate: Adjusts how quickly nighttime passes. Decreasing this can extend the night, increasing the challenges related to darkness and cold.

Survival Challenge Settings

  • Experience Rate: Governs how fast players earn experience points. Lowering this slows progress, requiring more effort to advance.
  • Player Stomach Decrease Rate: Sets the hunger depletion rate for players. A higher rate demands more frequent attention to sustenance.
  • Player Stamina Decrease Rate: Defines how rapidly players use up stamina. Increasing this rate compels players to manage their stamina carefully during activities.
  • Pal Capture Rate: Determines capture success rates for Pals. Reducing the rate makes capturing Pals more challenging.
  • Pal Spawn Rate: Controls how often Pals appear. A lower spawn rate adds difficulty by making Pals rarer and harder to find.
  • Pal Damage Rate (Attack and Defense): Changes the damage Pals can deal and sustain. Increasing attack multipliers while reducing defense multipliers can make encounters with Pals more perilous.
  • Pal Stomach Decrease Rate: Adjusts how quickly Pals become hungry. A higher rate means more frequent feeding is necessary.
  • Pal Stamina Decrease Rate: Sets the exhaustion rate for Pals. With an increased rate, Pals tire more rapidly and require careful stamina management.
  • Pal Auto HP Regen Rates: Influences how quickly Pals recover health naturally, both while active and while sleeping. Lowering this slows health regeneration, enhancing the difficulty.

Adjusting Player Damage Rates

  • Player Damage Rate Attack: Alters the amount of damage players can deal. Reducing this makes combat more challenging.
  • Player Damage Rate Defense: Affects how much damage players can take. An increased rate means players will be more vulnerable to attacks.

Saving Changes and Restarting the Server

After making your desired changes, remember to save them. Look for a “Save Content” button within the configuration interface. Once the configurations are saved, restart your server to apply the new settings. The restart will implement your adjustments, instantly changing the difficulty according to your custom specifications.

Monitoring and Adjusting

It’s essential to monitor gameplay and feedback from players after making changes to server settings. You may need to further tweak the settings to reach the desired level of difficulty. Player satisfaction is key, so be prepared to adjust configurations to provide a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience.

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In summary, adjusting the difficulty of your Palworld server involves accessing the server settings, modifying various rates and multipliers related to time progression, resource depletion, player and Pal damage and defense, and several other gameplay mechanics, followed by saving the configurations and restarting the server. Monitor the effect of these changes and be ready to fine-tune for optimal gameplay experience.

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