How to Edit Palworld Server Settings / Config.ini?

Where is my Palworld server setting / config.ini file?

  1. Accessing the server settings for Palworld begins with locating the configuration file at this path:

This file houses the default server settings.

PS: Create your Palworld server hosting here if you don’t have it.

What is Palworld Configuration File?

The configuration file uses a key-value pair structure, with the key in square brackets. The values correspond to various server parameters. An example of a setting within the file is:

OptionSettings=(Property=Value, ...)

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How to Edit Palworld Server Settings?

To customize your Palworld server, several key parameters you may edit include:

  • Difficulty: Control the overall game difficulty level.
  • ServerPassword: Set or change the server’s password.
  • DayTimeSpeedRate/NightTimeSpeedRate: Alter the progression speed of in-game daytime and nighttime.
  • ExpRate: Modify the rate at which players and creatures gain experience.
  • PalSpawnNumRate: Change the spawning rate for Pal creatures.
  • PlayerDamageRateAttack/PlayerDamageRateDefense: Fine-tune the damage players deal and sustain.
  • DropItemMaxNum: Determine the maximum number of items that can be dropped.

Adjust these settings according to your preferences for gameplay.

Saving Changes and Restarting the Server

To apply your changes, save the updated configuration file and restart the Palworld server.

Additional Tips

  • Backup Your Configuration File: Before making changes, back up the PalWorldSettings.ini to revert back to original settings if required.
  • Check for Updates: Regular updates to the game may bring new settings or modify existing ones; stay informed of these changes.

List of Settings:

  1. Difficulty: Alters the overall challenge level of the game.
  2. DayTimeSpeedRate: Adjusts the pace of in-game time progression during daylight hours.
  3. NightTimeSpeedRate: Modifies the speed of in-game time during nighttime.
  4. ExpRate: Alters the rate at which both players and creatures gain experience.
  5. PalCaptureRate: Adjusts the likelihood of successfully capturing Pal creatures.
  6. PalSpawnNumRate: Controls the frequency at which Pal creatures appear in the game world.
  7. PalDamageRateAttack: Fine-tunes the damage dealt by Pal creatures in combat.
  8. PalDamageRateDefense: Fine-tunes the damage received by Pal creatures in combat.
  9. PlayerDamageRateAttack: Fine-tunes the damage dealt by players in combat.
  10. PlayerDamageRateDefense: Fine-tunes the damage received by players in combat.
  11. PlayerStomachDecreaseRate: Adjusts the rate at which the player’s stomach depletes.
  12. PlayerStaminaDecreaseRate: Adjusts the rate at which the player’s stamina depletes.
  13. PlayerAutoHPRegeneRate: Modifies the rate of automatic health regeneration for players.
  14. PlayerAutoHpRegeneRateInSleep: Modifies the rate of automatic health regeneration for players during sleep.
  15. PalStomachDecreaseRate: Adjusts the rate at which Pal creature stomachs deplete.
  16. PalStaminaDecreaseRate: Adjusts the rate at which Pal creature stamina depletes.
  17. PalAutoHPRegeneRate: Modifies the rate of automatic health regeneration for Pal creatures.
  18. PalAutoHpRegeneRateInSleep: Modifies the rate of automatic health regeneration for Pal creatures during sleep.
  19. BuildObjectDamageRate: Adjusts the rate at which constructed objects sustain damage.
  20. BuildObjectDeteriorationDamageRate: Controls the rate at which built objects deteriorate over time.
  21. CollectionDropRate: Adjusts the likelihood of obtaining items when collecting resources.
  22. CollectionObjectHpRate: Adjusts the health of objects collected in the game.
  23. CollectionObjectRespawnSpeedRate: Adjusts the speed at which collected objects respawn in the game world.
  24. EnemyDropItemRate: Modifies the likelihood of enemies dropping items upon defeat.
  25. DeathPenalty: Specifies the penalty incurred by players upon death (e.g., All, None).
  26. bEnablePlayerToPlayerDamage: Enables or disables the ability for players to inflict damage on each other.
  27. bEnableFriendlyFire: Enables or disables the occurrence of friendly fire among players.
  28. bEnableInvaderEnemy: Enables or disables the presence of invader enemies in the game.
  29. bActiveUNKO: Activates or deactivates UNKO (Unidentified Nocturnal Knock-off) in the game.
  30. bEnableAimAssistPad: Enables or disables aim assist for players using controllers.
  31. bEnableAimAssistKeyboard: Enables or disables aim assist for players using keyboards.
  32. DropItemMaxNum: Sets the maximum number of dropped items that can exist in the game.
  33. DropItemMaxNum_UNKO: Sets the maximum number of dropped UNKO items that can exist in the game.
  34. BaseCampMaxNum: Sets the maximum number of base camps that players can construct.
  35. BaseCampWorkerMaxNum: Sets the maximum number of workers that can be assigned to a base camp.
  36. DropItemAliveMaxHours: Sets the maximum duration for which dropped items remain in the game world.
  37. bAutoResetGuildNoOnlinePlayers: Automatically resets guilds with no online players.
  38. AutoResetGuildTimeNoOnlinePlayers: Sets the time after which guilds with no online players are automatically reset.
  39. GuildPlayerMaxNum: Sets the maximum number of players that can belong to a guild.
  40. PalEggDefaultHatchingTime: Sets the default hatching time for Pal eggs.
  41. WorkSpeedRate: Adjusts the overall work speed within the game.
  42. bIsMultiplay: Enables or disables the multiplayer mode.
  43. bIsPvP: Enables or disables player versus player (PvP) mode.
  44. bCanPickupOtherGuildDeathPenaltyDrop: Enables or disables the pickup of death penalty drops from other guilds.
  45. bEnableNonLoginPenalty: Enables or disables penalties for players who are not logged in.
  46. bEnableFastTravel: Enables or disables the fast travel feature.
  47. bIsStartLocationSelectByMap: Enables or disables the selection of starting locations on the in-game map.
  48. bExistPlayerAfterLogout: Enables or disables the persistence of players in the game world after logout.
  49. bEnableDefenseOtherGuildPlayer: Enables or disables the defense of other guild players.
  50. CoopPlayerMaxNum: Sets the maximum number of cooperative players allowed in a session.
  51. ServerPlayerMaxNum: Sets the maximum number of players allowed on the server.
  52. ServerName: Sets the name of the Palworld server.
  53. ServerDescription: Provides a description for the Palworld server.
  54. AdminPassword: Sets the password for server administration.
  55. ServerPassword: Sets the password for joining the Palworld server.
  56. PublicPort: Sets the public port for the Palworld server.
  57. PublicIP: Sets the public IP address for the Palworld server.
  58. RCONEnabled: Enables or disables Remote Console (RCON) for server administration.
  59. RCONPort: Sets the port for Remote Console (RCON) communication.
  60. Region: Sets the region for the Palworld server.
  61. bUseAuth: Enables or disables server authentication.
  62. BanListURL: Sets the URL for the server’s ban list.

By adhering to these instructions, you maintain control over your Palworld server settings, ensuring a tailored multiplayer environment. Experiment with different configurations to enhance your gaming experience.

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