What does CPU-Priority Mean in Palworld Servers?

This knowledge base aims to provide concise and direct information about CPU priority and its significance in Palworld servers hosted on GameTeam.io.

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What is CPU Priority?

CPU priority refers to the allocation of processing power by the server’s operating system to various tasks. Higher priority tasks are given preferential treatment in terms of CPU time over lower priority ones.

Should you get CPU priority for your Palworld server?

In the context of Palworld servers, CPU priority determines the smoothness of gameplay, the speed of environment rendering, and the responsiveness of player interactions. It directly influences the overall gaming experience. However, if you won’t be hosting too many players on your server, you don’t have to purchase it right away. You can always upgrade your account later on.

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Setting CPU Priority

Access and Permission

  • GameTeam.io account holders with server access rights can configure CPU priority settings.
  • Permissions may be restricted based on the user’s plan or administrative settings.

Step-by-Step Configuration

  1. Log into your GameTeam.io server dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the “Server Management” section.
  3. Locate the “Performance” tab.
  4. Adjust the CPU priority settings as desired, using provided sliders or input fields.
  5. Save changes and restart the server for the new priority settings to take effect.

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Understanding Priority Levels

Priority Tiers

  • Low: Reduces server CPU time, which may cause lag or delays during heavy usage.
  • Normal: Default setting balancing performance with resource usage.
  • High: Prioritizes the server for more CPU time, potentially improving performance but using more resources.
  • Real-time: Not typically recommended; allocates the highest possible CPU time to the server, which may destabilize the system.


  • Balance is key; too high a priority can starve other critical processes, leading to instability.
  • Experiment with settings during off-peak hours to determine optimal performance without affecting live gameplay.

Monitoring CPU Usage


  • GameTeam.io provides integrated monitoring tools for real-time CPU usage tracking.
  • Third-party applications can also be used for more detailed analysis.

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Interpreting Data

  • Consistently high CPU usage may indicate the need for a priority adjustment or server upgrade.
  • Spikes in CPU usage can be caused by in-game events or a high number of concurrent players.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Symptoms of Misconfigured Priority

  • Server crashes
  • In-game lag
  • Long loading times
  • Unresponsive game mechanics

Rectifying CPU Priority Issues

  1. Revert to “Normal” priority and observe server performance.
  2. Gradually adjust priority setting and monitor the effect.
  3. Consider upgrading server plan for better CPU allocation if persistent issues are observed.


Adjusting CPU priority is a powerful tool for optimizing Palworld server performance on GameTeam.io. Proper configuration ensures a balance between resource utilization and a seamless gaming experience. Monitoring and regular adjustments are crucial to maintain server stability and player satisfaction.

For any further assistance or specific queries related to CPU priority settings on GameTeam.io, please contact our technical support team.

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