How to Join Palworld Server via Hostname?

Palworld is an immersive multiplayer game that enables players to connect with others by joining servers. To ensure smooth gameplay and reliable access, it is important to understand how to connect to a server. As of the latest update, joining a server via hostname is not natively supported by Palworld. This knowledge base will guide you through the process of joining a Palworld server by utilizing the dedicated IP address and provide background information on the current state of hostname connectivity.

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Different Server Connection Methods

IP Address vs. Hostname

Within the network infrastructure of online gaming, there are two common ways to connect to a server: the IP address and the hostname. An IP address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. In contrast, a hostname is a more human-readable form of identification for a networked device.

Palworld’s Connection Method

As of the initial release, Palworld requires players to use an IP address, combined with a specific port number, to connect to a server. Hostname support is not available, but this feature could be included in future updates as developers continue to improve the game.

Setting Up a GameTeam Palworld Server

Obtaining a Dedicated IP Address with GameTeam

When hosting a Palworld server with GameTeam, you are granted a dedicated IP address that is not shared with other servers. This ensures that players can easily connect to your server without any potential conflicts that could arise when using shared IPs.

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Deploying Your GameTeam Server

To deploy your Palworld server with GameTeam :

  1. Create an account with GameTeam and select the Palworld server hosting service.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to deploy your server instance.
  3. Once deployed, start your server and make note of the dedicated IP address provided.

This IP address and the default port will be your key to accessing your server in Palworld.

Joining Your GameTeam Palworld Server

Accessing Server Information

Upon successful server deployment, you can find your dedicated IP address in the Overview tab of your server’s control panel on GameTeam . Be sure to copy the IP address accurately to avoid any issues when connecting.

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Connecting to Your Server in Palworld

To connect to your GameTeam Palworld server:

  1. Start Palworld and navigate to the Main Menu.
  2. Click on “Join Multiplayer Game”.
  3. Paste your dedicated IP address and port number into the text box provided. The port is typically appended to the IP address after a colon, for example,
  4. Click the connect button to initiate the connection to your server.

After Connection

Once the game connects to the server using the dedicated IP and port, you will be prompted to create your character and begin your Palworld adventure in the server environment you’ve joined.

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The Future of Hostname Support

Current Stance of the Development Team

The development team at Pocketpair has not confirmed whether DNS hostname support will be added to Palworld. However, hosting providers and community members often engage with game developers to suggest such improvements.

Contributing to Future Updates

Users and server hosts can play a role in advocating for new features by participating in community forums, reaching out to the developers directly, or providing feedback through official channels.

Additional Considerations

Network Stability and Performance

Even though Palworld does not currently support hostname connectivity, ensuring that your server’s IP address remains stable is crucial for continuous access. This is one of the advantages of having a dedicated IP address with GameTeam .

Custom Domain Pointing (Advanced)

For advanced users, setting up a custom domain name to redirect to the dedicated IP is possible though not natively supported within Palworld. This requires configuring DNS settings through a domain registrar and is recommended only for those with networking knowledge.

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Security Measures

When hosting or joining servers, security should be a top priority. Regularly update your server’s software and consider implementing firewalls or whitelists to protect against unauthorized access.

Support and Community Resources

Utilize support resources provided by GameTeam and the Palworld community if challenges arise during the setup or connection process. Forums and help desks are often invaluable for troubleshooting technical issues.


While currently limited to IP address connectivity, joining a Palworld server is a straightforward process when hosting with GameTeam. Players can enjoy dedicated IPs and the promise of ongoing support and potential inclusion of DNS hostname support in future game updates. Remember to stay engaged with the community and advocate for new features to enhance the Palworld server experience.

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